I’m vegan, and I’ve always enjoyed a savory breakfast over a sweet one. So instead of oatmeal I usually go for grits. At home I add every leftover we’ve ever had in our refrigerator to my morning grits. Stir fried veggies, tofu, beans or whatever we have. So when I started planning for an upcoming backpacking trip instant grits seemed like the go to option for me.

I started looking up some instant grit recipes for backpacking and came across an awesome article at the ultralight blog at Hyperlite Mountaingear. They had a recipe for vegetarian parmesan spinach grits. That was my starting point.

This is my spin on their recipe.


2 packets of plain instant grits

¼ cup dehydrated spinach

1.5 tbsp ham TVP (textured vegetable protein)

1 tbsp butter powder

1 tsp powdered cheddar vegan cheese

1/8 tsp onion powder

1/8  tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp sweet red pepper flakes

1 tsp chives

1 cube vegan bouillon

1 tbsp olive oil (optional)


Mix all the ingredients together at home except the vegan bouillon and optional olive oil. In the field, add a splash of boiling water and the bouillon to your cozy. Dissolve the bouillon cube. Then add the rest of the ingredients and enough water to re-hydrate the mixture, at least 1 cup. I like my grits more soupy than most, so I add water visually to make it soup like. Let “cook” for approximately five minutes.