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Backpacking breakfast – vegan cheese spinach grits

I’m vegan, and I’ve always enjoyed a savory breakfast over a sweet one. So instead of oatmeal I usually go for grits. At home I add every leftover…

Feb 13, 2021 @ 20:10

Breakfast hash with yukon gold potatoes, home grown spring onions, black beans, cherry tomatoes and corn 🙂 Photo by @emilychang

Jun 21, 2019 @ 20:38

Breakfast 🙂

Oct 03, 2018 @ 22:16

Our awesome daily vegan breakfast. Real fruit smoothie, avocado whole grain toast and potato, tofu, black bean, corn, tomato, and scallion breakfast hash 🙂

Dec 02, 2014 @ 19:38

Jook 🙂

Jook #breakfast #chefmax :) instagram.com/p/wITkNmoB76/

Jook #breakfast #chefmax 🙂 instagram.com/p/wITkNmoB76/